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Sarah Gomes Harris


Sarah Gomes Harris or SGH is a British Portuguese BAFTA winning TV series creator, animator, artist, campaigner, unsubscribed pataphysicist. She is based in Hastings. Her works often feature uniquely combinatory characters as well as observations of micro or trivial details, the slowing down of and the creation of space for something like wonder. She is interested in quiet recognition, connection, tension, touch, play, often by absurd provocation.

Tactility features heavily, she is always thinking of a uniquely touchable way to present the work, be it bulbous trees, pattern making, or putting the viewer inside art they can touch or move or become part of.

Her work spans animation, writing, painting, ceramics, comics, embroidery, music, performance and interactive installation. In recent years - and in response to an ever more turbulent world - these works have become increasingly political, and as a consequence, hyper-localised and community based. She seeks to put community in control in some way, the work offering roles in its full creation. In this way it is a type of community organising and strengthening. Her work still retains a micro focus, absurdity, tactility, and somewhat insistent charm.




(upcoming) Solo exhibition Casual Bounty May 2024

(upcoming) Coil and Spring March 2024

Poor Women Feb 2024

Textile Junction, Electro Studios Project Space July 2023

Coastal Currents 2019

Stella Dore Gallery 2019



Bafta Best Preschool Animation

Kidscreen Best Animated Series

British Screenwriters Association Nomination Best Children's Television

British Animation Awards Nomination Preschool

Official Selection Annecy International Animation Festival



Fashion Design and Technology – London College of Fashion 2000-2002

Marionette construction – Puppets in Prague 2002

BA Film and Animation Production – Arts University Bournemouth 2003-2006

Theatre development – Forkbeard Fantasy 2010

Table top puppetry – Little Angel Theatre 2011

Found object puppetry – Little Angel Theatre 2013

Clown Intensive – Zuma Puma 2015

Independent Art School – Hastings Art School 2023-24

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