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I found my way to animation through puppetry design, and have continued to create  'things' over the years.

This experience helped me co-write the 50min Sarah & Duck marionette show, which toured london, edinburgh and uk wide, as well as sidney opera house, australia.



Commission for explore the arch's A Town Explores A Book: Crusoe 300 festival. I was asked to look at the story in the context of excess and climate change. people in the community were asked to think about what they'd consider an excess if they were shipwrecked on an island, and stitch it onto a wave which was placed inside a lighthouse with height markers to show sea rise levels. people became aware of small habits such as kettle reboiling, retail therapy and quick drives down the shops which they have tried to curtail

IMG_4104 small square.jpg

created for coastal currents arts festival, the viewer is asked to step up onto the seat and strap themselves into the ride of convenience. plastic waste to the left of them, loss of natural habitat to the right, everyone is connected on the ride and our continued approach of convenience as progress will effect us all


created for dec 2019 general election to help activists learn the policies labour hoped to implement, and the reasoning behind them. Policies which have

either been acknowledged by the opposition since as useful and workable, or that have actually been implemented. My personal favourite is still very much

community land reform and universal basic income. Despite creating a globally

successful award winning tv show, i still rent, therefore I am still at risk of

eviction. and as a freelance series writer + developer, I have as much or as little job security as there is work. knowing we are safe in a home + that we have basic needs covered would allow us all the space to develop more our practise and contribute more to society.

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