"Sarah & Duck is one of the greatest programmes currently on British TV... My God, I love it. It’s a tiny, perfect, handmade gem of a show. The whole thing aches from all the care that’s gone into making it"
stuart heritage
"The only children’s show. Much like there are many stars but only one sun, Sarah and Duck is the center of our peaceful parenting entertainment system."
sbnation graham macaree + ryan nanni

co-creator   writer   designer   director

i created sarah & duck during a period of unemployment in the animation industry, working in a stationery shop, proceding a long somewhat depressing period of homelessness. at this time i would often go and see the ducks for a bit of cheer as i used to with my parents as a child. this became a bit of a joke, but one i started to draw thinking it could be a show. i developed it further with tim o'sullivan and then the team at karrot animation, pitching it to broadcasters at cartoon forum a couple of years and many nights and weekends work later. it has since aired on the bbc and other channels around the world

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'The funny angle' is something I picked up while training in traditional animation, watching people I knew outside of the course who couldn't draw very well having the time of their lives. Ever since then, I've had the utmost respect for the off kilter. It's important to follow tangents, that's how our brain works. If we allow ourselves and therefore our characters the curiosity and space to go off on these odd little journeys, we find new stories to tell, new methods of storytelling, new jokes, ways to feel magic and sadness and generally affect people.

i also drew on my obsession with pattern for the design, a sensibility instilled in me by all the azulejos (tiles) i'd take in each year while visiting family in portugal


To watch episodes, play games, shop, see the play, read the books or simply stare at wallpaper, visit: https://www.sarahandduck.com/

"I am not getting value for my license fee when the narrator just says 'Sarah and Duck' three times"
mumsnet mum
"hope you like the card, it's got a seagull on it"
my aunt
"that cake made me laugh so much. watched it twice."
robert popper